System Tray icon position issue

When restoring a snapshot (of a hard drive that’s running Windows 7) and booting after the restore, the icons in the system tray are all hidden and have to be manually positioned (basically, it forgets the position of the icons). I’m using the latest version of Comodo Time Machine.

Hi, Zero3K

Are you sure the snapshot you restored to had the icons positoned? Thank you for your feedback!

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Yes, the icons were positioned in the snapshot that I restored from.

Zero3K, after your computer finishes booting, Log off and then Log back on again. You’ll find your icons are in order after the second log on.

To avoid this icon issue, put a password on your user account and allow your computer to sit on the Welcome screen for about 20-30 sec before entering your password and continuing the log on process. You’ll find that your icons will be in order the first time your computer boots. :wink:


Yes, it is a problem and we will look into it and try to find some resolution. Thank you very much for support.

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Hi Zero3K,

I think i have found the specific reason of this problem.
In fact, after manually positioned the icons in the system tray, windows does not save the changes immediately, but will save until normal exit explorer.exe process. Therefore, you need to restart or log off Windows after manually positioned the icons, and then create a snapshot “AAA”. When you restore to the snapshot “AAA”, you will find the icons are in the system tray.

Thanks for your support!

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I think that the issue is actually caused by the registry entry containing the customizations that are made to the System Tray not being backed up/restored properly.