System status


When I disable On Access Scanner, the system status still shows that everything is fine and that no action is required.

Hope this is fixed quickly.
How do we add screen shots to the post?


This Is Where We Can Add The Screenshots

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Ok thanks.

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Is That happening Even After Exiting Comodo And Reopening It Back ?


Yes the problrm persists, dooes this happen to anyone else?

Meanwhile I Checked It On My PC And It’s The Same As You Are Facing… Iam Not Sure Whether Is There Any Topic Opened In The GUI Bug Report For This Issue.

Ok it seems that this is a problem with CIS GUI, so the Comodo team can follow up from here. When I disable the firewall, I still face the same problem, the only difference being that here Windows Security Center alert also does not pop up.

You Are Always Welcome.
Will Wait Till Any One Else Can Clarify That This Is A Bug

This issue has been discussed. It remains to be seen when it will be resolved.
It is more of a GUI display issue, as the system is operating properly and there are no errors. Simply the AV has been disabled and the status display does not reflect this accurately. Note if you chose to install CIS without the AV, this issue would not even be seen.

I hope that we won’t have to wait for v4 to get this solved.

Thnx For The Clarification. However, Since You Have Mentioned That “CIS without the AV, this issue would not even be seen”, I Would Like To Know Whether Status Will Reflect Accurately When AV Is Not Installed And The Firewall Is Disabled.

I have never attempted that, so I do not know. I just checked this out. Disabling the firewall also produces this result.
I know this has also been discussed with the Usability Study Group. Worst case I (and most I would imaging) would like to see this issue put to bed with v4.

Thank You Once Again… :slight_smile: