System shuts down during scan.


Did manage to catch some nasty virus and for the last couple of weks been dealing with some fine folks helping me to cure my ailment. Arrived here for the COMODO Antivirus program. My system files are not right. My issue is that if or when I do a Anti-Spyware clean and get the all clear the run another anti-malware scan and get the all clear I try to run the COMODo and it runs maybe 30 minutes or so then the entire sytem shuts down boom! It’s all off and the rebooting takes a couple of attempts before it is settled down. I then go and re start the entire process, This is an XP machine with portions of the Service pack 3 damaged form the malware. In try to reload that the system also shuts down. I did put COMODO on Hyper Perinoid (check spelling) stage and it did stop some registery modifier and the last scans by other softwares have stayed clean.

Not sure what to do, wondering if any one else has experienced these k=types of malities?

Thank you,


you will have to use a bootable CD to scan. Please download Dr.Web cd from here, furn it to a cd and do a full scan. fix whatever it finds. Then download the kaspersky CD and do a full scan with it and fix what it finds. Index of /rescuedisk/updatable/