System scan

I cant do a system scan! well, at least I can get part of the way through…very slowly…!
Any ideas? it just hangs after a couple of hours and that’s it!


What version of CAVS do you have?

Is there a certain point where the scan just hangs and won’t move past?



PS: I’m betting it’s CAVS 1.1, and that it hangs somewhere in Documents and Settings, on large files (pictures, videos, movies, music, etc).

Yes, version 1.1 beta. Is there a later one?
While i’m on, how can I get rid of that silly Launch Pad? It does not seem to know that I also have CFW running, and quite honestly I wouldn’t want it if I had a fleet of Comodo apps! Would much prefer to see them separatly in a little row down the bottom.

Yes, there is a newer release, still a beta, but far superior in every way. It is more stable, faster, uses less resources, and has an application-based HIPS built in (which can be turned off if desired).

You can uninstall version 1.1, and install version, which is only available in the forums.,6012.0.html When you install it, it will want to run a database-maker on reboot; this is for the HIPS safelist. I recommend under the settings for the On-Access scanner, to turn off/disable the automatic Quarantine feature; as there have been a few instances of it accidentally quarantining something that shouldn’t be; it is a beta after all… As soon as you reboot and & turn off the On-Access quarantining, run the Updater.

Do not try to install version 2.x until version 1.1 is gone.

If you run into problems (as some users have) getting rid of v 1.1, you can try this uninstall tool from Comodo:,6152.0.html

You can also follow my process here:,4755.0.html. I recommend reading thru mine first anyway, as it will give you Services to stop (which I recommend doing prior to uninstalling).

Once uninstalled, run a registry cleaner to remove any traces of it.

For LaunchPad, that’s no longer used, and you can get rid of it as well. There’s not an uninstall routine for it, but it’s easy to remove. Go to Start/Run, type in “msconfig”. Go to the Startup tab. Look for an entry for CLPTray; uncheck the box. There may be one other “CLP…” entry as well; if so, uncheck that box as well. Click Apply, and Close. Then reboot. Now LaunchPad isn’t running any more.

Then navigate to c:\program files\comodo\launchpad. Delete the whole folder. Run a registry cleaner, reboot.