system running at 92%

i keep getting system running at 92% and the network monitor blocks going like crazy. (:AGY)

i unchecked the log events from network monitor but that only worked till i rebooted even tho it was still unchecked. have also changed the log to read only

also getting system reboots and wondered if it was comodo causing it :-\

Are you using a router - if so you may have to define a trusted network (under tasks).


no router just a modem.

What were all the blocks for?

I’m not aware of any current problems with CFP that cause reboots.

the blocks are all high and network monitor… getting around 24 blocks per minute

they are

blocked by protocol analysis (fake or malformed UDP packet)

blocked by protocol analysis (fragmented ip packet)

i uninstalled comodo and reinstalled it again… they blocks are not causing comodo to run at 92% but the system.

You’re correct, 24 blocks per minute isn’t enough to cause CFP to use 92% of the CPU. The Log entries sound a bit like a torrent or P2P protocol. Which process in the Task Manager is using all the CPU?

im sure its just the system… above the system idle

i have had comodo for ages now and not had this before

could i be getting these attacks from a networked pc connecting to internt via this pc?

Just System sounds like a driver conflict. Have you installed or updated anything recently… added new hardware?

Sorry, what to mean by attacks from… a networked user? Internet user? LAN user? confused. ;D What sort of internet connection do you have & what sort of network are you on?

when the system reboots i get the report back from windows stating a driver and anything new installed…

not installed anything new and updated… errrr… windows… virus proggy… installed BO clean and removed it (forgot why (:NRD))

i connect by modem and sons pc connects thru hub and realtek ethernet adapter on this pc… so he comes thru my pc to access net?

I’m sorry… I don’t quite understand you here. Nothing added/updated? If I understand what you mean… XP doesn’t notify you by default if a driver has been changed/added. I’m assuming, that you are on XP & that have had CFP running successfully until recently.

So, you’re using Internet Connection Sharing or ICS?

i try again…

when system reboots on its own report gets sent to microsoft and reply is fault is possible driver update and have i installed anything new

have had CFP running reasonably successfully… on a few occasions when i have logged back into my account after being away for a while i have msg… comodo has encountered a problem and had to close…

yes… using ICS

I’m sorry, I’ve not used ICS before & I don’t know much about it… but, it might explain what is potentially happening to your system. It is certainly possible for the traffic generated by a LAN connected PC to impact yours. Probably explains System being the highest CPU consumer as well. Can you relate what you are seeing to what you known about the other PCs use? For instance, it doesn’t happen when the other user is out or is it both

I did find some info on ICS in FAQ List, not sure if they will help or not…

Internet Connection Sharing (ICS),655.0.html,2944.0.html,4714.0.html

all is calm this morning… son has his pc turned off.

i notice he has been running ares prog again!!! (:AGY) he’s only usually on msn… will see what happens when he switches on again :-\

having a look at the links you posted too :SMLR