System Restore & Defrag

Should you turn off Windows System Restore when CTM is installed?

Is it better not to defrag your system using Windows or another defrag program when using CTM?

Does the CTM defragger allow you to defrag your system by restoring to a defragged snapshot?

1 yes u can disable system restore…CTM is now yours system restore
2you can defrag with no problems your hard dribe by other defragmenter

Thankyou hulu :-TU

On what your statement is based, plz ?

Xan posted here:

Defraggler seems to work OK for me.

Link points to 404 “page missing” something.

I have doubts regarding this question after i received some info:

Does CTM file driver intercept disk writes by 3rd party defragmenters as well ? Does it make difference which defragmenter is used: which relies on Windows API or something else? What difference?
…Questions which first came into mind :-\

Defraggler is a nice one to use… Would not dare use the built in Windows one… :-TD

The link was to CTM FAQs but fails because for whatever reason you are not logged in when you follow it. You can find it there Though.

Im loged in, and i cant get to it.

Your link is missing the " l " in html

Same here

Thanks OmeletGuy I have edited it now.

Most or all of them relies on Windows API no ? which one do you use ?

Auslogics is a very good defragger and now has optimization and compaction routines.

Mydefrag is now very stable and efficient ( ex-jkdefrag … the latest version had now a better scripts handling for customized and powerfull defrags). The FAQ is really a valuable one ( ex : ) and the change logs are at least honest and informative !

I have not enter CTM beta now ( i will soon ) but i found this on the site if it helps :

Certain boot manager and disk encryption software can be incompatible with MyDefrag (and other defragmentation programs). They assume a fixed location on disk for their configuration files, and if these files are moved then the entire disk may become inaccessible. MyDefrag contains a list of exceptions and will never move the critical files of SafeBoot, Acronis OS Selector, SecurStar DriveCrypt, Symantec GoBack, and PGP Whole Disk Encryption. Software not listed here is probably safe to use, check the manual or ask your vendor. If you know of any other software that needs a special exception then please let me know. ( from )

It does a slow but better works than Auslogics Disk Defrag my opinion ( i tested them both since they are out … ). Auslogic looks faster but wrongly show you a clean green disk and miss somes slow placements. Same for Defraggler i’ve report some MFT bugs … both crashed many times on complex disks partitions now I will check the latest versions but i am not sold :wink:

Windows System Restore is untrustable anyway just disable it.

I was beta tester for another tool i like to mention if one of you miss it : System explorer .

Along detailed informations about Tasks, Processes, Modules, Startups, IE Addons, Uninstallers, Windows, Services, Drivers, Connections and Opened Files it offers search details about file/process via online databases, system Snapshots for finding of system changes and an amazing System Report. The new stable version 2.0.1 was released today :wink:

Thanks for the informative insight, I will take a look at mydefrag… ;D

Jkdefrag\Mydefrag (rarely). In the past saw some number of articles about defrag soft which does not rely on Win API.

Works perfectly here and saved systems of mine bunch of times. Tips on keeping System Restore healthy

SS26 thanks for the tips but it won’t help me : I use Vista in risky scenarios for testing only and WSR is in the nuts most of the time.

It remains just a ‘slave’ partition and i manage it both from ubuntu and with various free tools with less ressources and troubles.

In a dual or multi booting scenario (for advanced users) NEVER make changes to drives that are being monitored by another operating systems...

I use JKDefrag. Will this corrupt any part of CTM (the program or its image files)?

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but the following FAQ answer by Comodo is a little misleading

While external defraggers ARE compatible with CTM you all may want to read this more expanded explanation from Horizon, the original developers of Rollback

As you can see an external defrag while CTM is installed will result in a huge increase in free space usage because CTM will protect all data in existing snapshots and will redirect the write or every single file that an external defragger attempts to “Defrag”.

User beware!

EDIT: Oops, just realised that the link i supplied doesnt always take you directly to the relevant answer, so here is a quote

Can I defrag my drives after installing RollBack Rx? Yes, you can defrag your drive after you install Rollback but you have to understand how Rollback works.

The objective of defragmenting is to optimize the hard drive for efficient use by the Windows File System and, thus, improve system performance. Defragmenting tools are Windows applications. They work by looking for fragmented files and moving them into contiguous extents.

Rollback Rx does not distinguish between applications - it just protects your entire root drive (0) - usually your C: Drive. So the Defragmentation run is seen as a massive “change in data” by an application. Therefore, it ensures that your “before change” data is protected – so Rollback ends up protecting the fragmented version of your files. This may not be an optimal result.

For detailed information of Defraggers and how they interact with RollBack Rx - please read our Whitepaper on Defragging.

Here are our current recommendations for defragging with Rollback Rx:

Clean up and Defrag your drives before installing RollBack Rx, so you start with a nice, defragged system.
RollBack Rx has a build-in snapshot defragmenter – use that to defrag your system. It’s fast and it works with RollBack Rx.
If you really need to defrag the drives with a third panry tool: Uninstall RollBack Rx, defrag the drives and then reinstall RollBack Rx.

carfal thanks for that, I had wondered where my free space was going.

Resetting the baseline has gained me 20Gb and hopefully if I do not defrag again the problem will not recur.