System Resource Friendly - Minimum Drain, Maximum Protection, is it true?

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“System Resource Friendly - Minimum Drain, Maximum Protection” I got this from feature list.

This is really cool. But when i start scanning full system, i came to know that CAV takes more than 70 MB! And when I start multiple scanning it crossed 100 MB and my system become almost dead slow. Why CAV takes this much memory? Is it because of this cool UI? In my system I have only 128 MB RAM. It’s a Pentium 3 machine.
• Windows XP (SP2) / Windows 2000 (SP4 or later)
• 50 MB available space on your hard drive
• 128 MB RAM
• Intel Pentium 300 MHz processor (or equivalent)
This is CAV system requirement! I think you should change 128 to 256.
I have a suggestion.

In the case of Antivirus software’s, I really don’t believe they need high quality User interface. You should consider only one thing. It should be light. Otherwise for a normal user like me, feel uncomfortable with CAV.

But I really appreciate scanning speed. It’s really fast.

And thanks COMODO , for releasing CAV

I think that they should keep the high quality User Interface. They should just try to keep the memory usage as low as possible.

Now that we have made the first release, the CAV team is concentrating in reducing the memory usage for the next release. It will keep getting better and better :slight_smile:


Thanks Melih for keeping us informed. :slight_smile: