system logs

why am i getting these logs on my laptop? i have my laptop Ethernet cable plugged into my router with another desktop pc also connected to the router. i’m pretty sure it has something to do with the other desktop pc because ever since i connected this laptop to the router, my desktop has also been getting the same logs with the source ip as my destination ip address.
both PCs have ports stealthed, ( 2nd option alert incoming connections).

if i change my laptop to ports stealthed (3rd option block all incoming), i get the old Windows Operating System logs.

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System should be outgoing only. Its part of Windows. I have my hardware modem fully stealthed so that blocks all my inbounds. Every once in awhile I get System or Svchost blocks but thats normal. See here.

i had svchost as outgoing.
i read over the thread so i changed my config.
i changed both PCs to trust LAN stealth port wizard, so now they can “talk” to each other
my LAN #1 in when my laptop is wired. LAN #2 is when it’s wireless

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