system haning on boot

maybe someone has experienced this before because I have not and have yet to determine what was doing it.

I am installing CIS on a buddy’s computer. After install and reboot computer boots to log in screen. Once I log in it hangs on welcome with the spinning circle, the only way to get past this is to hit ctrl/alt/del, once that is done the rest of boot is fine. I noticed that what seems to be hanging might be the keyboard becasue when it boots fine ( with out CIS installed) the number lock turns on and then turns off as boot goes on. When it hangs with CIS installed the number lock never goes off, but by hitting ctrl/alt/del it goes off and continues booting.

I tried rebooting with CIS in training mode and it did not help. Right now I am trying to update the dell drivers as a possible resolution. If anyone has any other ideas let me know.

What kind of operating system has the computer of your buddy? It is Win 7?

I can remember that something like this happened to a friend of mine after I installed CIS (latest version).
I no longer remember exactly what I did, but if I remember correctly, I disabled UAC and I disabled scanning memory on start. What can I remember certainly, is that after the computer had recovered (after 4-5 minutes of booting), all applications were active and functional. After a while, he enabled again the option “Scan memory on start” and he said that the problem has not appeared at all.

I do not know, but it might have to do with memory scanning on start and the computer freezes because the CIS check online some signatures.

it’s vista so basically the same thing. I’ll try that to see what happens.

OK i’m making progress, it’s not UAC or the AV. It is Defense +, just moving the slider to disabled does not work. The only way to get it to boot is to permanently deactivate D+ by using the tick mark and rebooting. I hope a dev is seeing this threat becasue it might help others or might require a coding fix to the program.

It’s good to know because this week a friend who has Vista installed on his computer asked me to install CIS…
If I will have seamless problem, I will try to do what you mentioned above. :slight_smile:

I have also done sfc /scannow and if has found one file that is bad but it can’t fix it. The problem is that I can’t find that file anywhere to replace it with. Maybe someone can upload it off of their computer for me. The file is c:/windows/system32/pcadm.dll I don’t have vista so I don’t know if the one off of windows 7 is compatible. If someone has vista and can upload it for me I would appreciate it.

I found something for Vista x64 SP2.

Can you check this site please?
When you have this problem, maybe this will help you.

he has 32bit sp2. Though that is a good website and I will favorite it.

I’ll try a registry cleaner.

Do the Windows logs and D+ logs bring any insight it what is happening?

nothing in the D+ logs. I might have to clear out the windows logs and try again. It is really pissing me off something fierce.

I’m having a similar issue. I just installed the most recent version of CIS 4 today as an “upgrade” from an earlier version. Not an easy upgrade process, but it seems to be done.

Now, it’s hanging whenever I try to re-boot. The computer gets as far was the Windows Welcome screen and then stops. Occasional flashes of the hard disk light but no further progress and I have to forcibly shut down as even Ctrl-Alt-Del is frozen out.

However, I have discovered that if I disconnect from the network/internet, my computer will start normally. Everything seems to run fine.

Is Comodo calling home and getting stuck?

Did the registry cleaner suggestion in the earlier message work?

I’m running XP SP2 on a Dell laptop. I’m hoping to get this resolved so I can upgrade all 5 computers on the small network that I take care of. I need a firewall / antivirus solution that upgrades and would like to stay with Comodo.

I kinda gave up on it. There was nothing listed in the windows events and I went and updated every driver. It still did it. So I gave up and installed something else on his computer. It has to be something from dell that is the problem.