system freezes

Ive gotten about 3 total system freeze after allowing certain programs with the new .498 rc2 version of CIS. Firt happend with xfire twice, then company of heroes this morning. For all 3 i wanted to set them as trusted application.

My pc freezes entirely as soon as i click ok and have to do an emergency reboot.

vista x64 sp1, no other security apps installed

Ive gotten about 2 system freeze after installation RC2/without comodo AV/. Both of them was i closed AverTV and also I even could not load windows. I just saw progress bar and after this there was no “welcome screen”.

Avira Premium
Vista x32

For games and full screen applications set Firewall and D+ to Training mode. Comodo will then learn the rules without notifications.

ANother userful strategy is to make a all .exe and .bat files in a program installation folder part of My Own Safe Files (can be found under Defense + → Common Tasks).

I had many system freezes also running XP home sp3 avast antivirus and CIS w/out the antivirus of course.

@2good. What other security and system tools are running in the background with your system?

Admuncher and anvir taskmanager

I just may have solved the problem a little while ago I got fed up with the freeze I uninstalled CIS with revo uninstaller then ran Argente registry cleaner followed by deleting comodo folder then a clean install its been a couple of hours and no freeze or lockups, lets hope for the best.

I also had system freezes on Windows 7 RC. :frowning:
I couldnt even use my PC.
I boot in Safe mode to uninstall Comodo.

I’m using also Avira Antivir premium 9.

Hi Guys,

Do any of you guys have a stable way to reproduce this issue so that I can work with him privately to diagnose the problem?


I just recieved an update its now 399 the last 3 digits as far as reproducing the freeze I wish I had a way to do it but will keep you informed I"m sure you"ll get to the bottom of this, keep up the good work.


I have observed, when I allow “System” to connect to the internet (see picture attached), my PC immediatelly freezes. I did not pay attention to this for the first time (last week), but I think, there is something wrong.

  1. Windows Vista Home Premium (Slovak) SP 1 32 bit (all updates to 8th May 2009)

  2. CIS v. 3.9xxx498 RC2 (installed without antivirus; Firewall secuity level is set to Custom policy mode, Defence+ is set to Clean PC mode), Eset NOD32 antivirus v. 4, Webroot SpySweeper v. 6, Malwarebytes Antimalware (free), Spywareblaster (free), at the time of this issue I have running Mozilla Firefox, Free Download Manager, USB Safely Remove (but I think it does not matter, what programs I have running, because when it happend for the first time, I was running different programs)

  3. when I allow “System” (see picture attached) to connect to the internet (I have dial-up), my PC immediately freezes and I had to push the power button for several seconds to reboot it

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I got a similar system freeze with RC2 498 under Windows 7 RC. Allowed Xfire through the firewall and the system immediately froze up.

Installed firewall with optimum proactive protection. No other security software installed.

Booted into safe mode to uninstall RC2.

EDIT: Installed RC2 again and updated to 502. Didn’t solve the system freeze problem.

Same thing appears with CIS 3.9xxx502 RC2

Try putting Firewall and D+ in Training Mode. This way CIS will learn the rules without asking. After finishing put back Firewall and D- to their old settings. You can do that quickly by right clicking on the CIS icon in the systray and changing.

Do this a couple of times and the rules will be learned.

I badly speak on English but by means of the translator I will try :slight_smile: I am use Windows 7 RC 7100, Comodo firewall RC2 3.9.76291.502, I use only with function firewall. Antivirus Avast 4.8.1335, These are all programs for protection. There was this morning a failure, Firewall Does not give vent in the Internet to any program. Only its closing or disable helps >:(
What it is possible to make?

P.S. Has now reinstalled the program and update
After reinstallation works

Hi Dimlexx. Glad you manage to solve it. When the problem happens again please open a new topic. Your problem differs from the problem in this topic. When you open a new topic you will get all the attention it deserves.

Thanks, I have understood you :slight_smile: