System Freezes for 5 mins at a time, triggered by application accessing system on Windows Vista

The bug/issue

  1. Enabled Defence+ Paranoid Mode

  2. System freezes under certain (intermittant) conditions associated with normal application use. Some applications seem more likely to cause the issue than others.
    For example, when double clicking a Video in Windows Media Player, occassionally the system will freeze, the mouse will still animate normally but all mouse operations yeild no effect. If one waits for a few minutes, eventually system control will be returned. Nothing seems negatively effected (asides from inconvinience of complete loss of control), everything then continues to run as per normal. Looking at the “Defence+ Event Log” (which is certainly the cause) it seems to happen when any component trys to access the “System” process in memory. It seems as though this problem is to do with the way the application is behaving, locking the whole system until it either times out or completes system memory access?

  3. I expect, when this application is trying to do whatever it is trying to do, to be:

  1. Warned
  2. Have to ability to end, stop or otherwise control what happens (e.g. not lose control of the PC for 5mins)
  1. I have tried re-configuring Defence+ in a less restrictive manor. However, it seems only turning it to safe-mode or off negates the issue (as I susspect its when some MS component is trying to access system memory).

  2. Running version 5.5.195786.1386, Virus Sig. 10074

  3. n/a

  4. The problem seems to occur consistantly if one creates a WPF application in Visual Studio 2010 generating a deliberate XAML script error. Every time the application runs lockup will occur (wait 5 mins, and then be informed there was script error).

  5. Which leads me to wonder if tt might be some kind of conflict between system exceptions and the system exception handler and the way blocking occurs in Paranoid mode? or possibly just any application accessing “System” in memory and denied access has a draconian back off procedure.

Typicly see alot of:

App. | Flags | Target | Date
*.exe | Access Memory | System |

Type entries in the Defence+ Event log after the hang.

  1. Running version 5.5.195786.1386, Virus Sig. 10074

  2. Clean installation of Vista, Installed before applying Windows Updates
    Updated along with Windows Updates

  3. Fresh Confiuration.

  4. A/V = Statefull, Firewall = Custom Policy, Defence+ = Paranoid Mode, Sandbox = Disabled

  5. Vista Ultimate 64bit, SP2, UAC active, Administrative User

  6. Standard Microsoft Security tools (shipping with O/S)

  7. n/a


Thanks for the report.

I thought it was only me on my Vista x32 desktop.

After the computer is free again usually 1/2 hour for me, I manually add the rule to the application concerned.

This never happens on Windows7 you receive a alert for system access with no problems.

Thank you


Thanks for the reply.

I should susspect Windows 7 would be effected in a similar fashion, given its architectural similarity.

I’ve had a Windows 7 system, much prefer Vista (Windows7 is too nagging hehe. Pretty tho. If I Alt-Tab I don’t expect all the *** windows to dissapear except the one i’m viewing and I don’t expect the system to re-size my windows because I drag it towards the edge of the screen).

Thank you for your Issue report.

Moved to verified.

Thank you