System cleaner will not start

Comodo system cleaner worked good for a while but now it will not run. It pops open a box that states “has encountered a problem and needs to close.”

Restarting did not help. Uninstalled, downloaded and installed 3.0.41623.53 but problem remains.

I have XP Pro - SP3, 32 bit

I have gone back to using CCleaner but would like to use Comodo.

Interesting note: This happened just after I completed the “Rate Comodo vs CCleaner” query.

Please help


Addition to “Interesting note”. I disabled the “Geek Buddy” message at the same time.

Well, I found the problem. It isn’t with Comodo cleaner.

My computer was infected with the malware bug “W32.Lovegate.AO@mm” (quotes are mine). Comodo virus didn’t find it as well as several other virus scaners. It loads itself at startup, lodges in the registry and keeps on reproducing itself over and over. It also allows other bugs in and those have to be taken out as well. After taking it out Comodo cleaner works good again.

I was able to locate and remove it by doing a very careful analysis using HijackThis. If you have it take a look around and you can find ways to remove it, it isn’t easy (at least for a novice like me). A clean system install will also remove it. Some symptoms are: system resources gradually being used up (restart makes you think it’s gone but it isn’t), things show up in the Google bar out of nowhere, popups just happen, etc. I’m sure the folks at Comodo virus are much more familiar with this than I am.

I think I know how it got in but since i"m not sure i won’t mention it here.

Hope this helps someone.