System Cleaner sujestions

Comodo System Cleaner needs to be more complete. It needs to delete Microsoft Silverlight cookies, for one. There are multiple Macromedia files to clean and it looks like only Flash Player is cleaned. The other Macromedia files need to be cleansed as well. The Registry Cleaner is FAST and pretty complete. I would not change that at all. Macromedia, Silverlight, and more extensive log cleaning, like in Diskmax(available at Cnet) would be great!

Hi there, I moved your post so it can be seen by the CSC developers. I hope you understand.

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This is the board for Comodo Cloud Scanner, not Comodo System Cleaner.

edit: It’s been moved. I’m really not that crazy. (At least not all the time)

Corrected now. CCS and CSC are so close that I too often overlook the two ;D.