System Cleaner Automatic Updates

Why do you guys have this scheduled WITHOUT THE KNOWLEDGE OF THE USER? This is UNACCEPTABLE. First off, your updater sucks. It constantly get stuck and you have to force quit it when it tries to do an update if the computer was idle during the update (not in sleep or hibernate, just idle with the screen powered down by the system)

Another issue is that when it does do the update, it FORCES itself to come to the fore front. THIS is the HUGE problem because if I’m doing something full screen (like playing a game), it will minimize the game window just to do a stupid update that I never authorized it do.

I hope that this is address in the next release…it’s REALLY annoying when you don’t give the user the option to turn things like this off…


  The CSC setup automatically schedules an update every day. We did this because the CSC applications database is constantly updated and we want our users to benefit from the updates. Another reason is that from this databse we also ignore false positive paths. So if the application databse update wouldn't be done automatically, CSC could find FP paths on all the user's computers.

The issue with the updater minimizing any full screen application: we know about this problem, we’ll try to fix this until the next release.

About your other problem : updater remains stuck if it starts when the computer is idle - our QA team will try to reproduce the problem - and it will be also fixed in the next release.


I have exactly the same problems and suggestion here.
It obviously does not need to update everyday. It’s fair you ask user to update database everytime running the program,but certainly not in a hidden way. I mean I can’t even find where to disable the auto-update. :-TD

e:\Program Files (x86)\COMODO System-Cleaner\UpdateApplications.exe

Just change the sucker’s file name.

Also you can look into Task Scheduler.

yeah … without the (x86) ^^

In the new ‘improved’ version we have to hunt the ‘validator’ service too.