System Antivirus

Hey guys
Somehow my computer has a System Antivirus.It seemed it got installed by itself and I can’t figure how to remove it.
In addition,my task manager is said to have been disabled by my administrator.The problem is that I am the administrator.
Any solutions on how to remove this System Antivirus?


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List of Free AntiMalware programs

I reccomend downloading MalwareBytes\SuperAntispyware.

Get back to me :slight_smile:

or DrWebCureIt for your first aid
i don’t know if it’s better than malwarebytes ot SuperAntiSpyware, but it doesn’t require installation.worth a try.
and try to scan on safe mode
good luck :Beer

Here are the steps I have taken:

1.removed the Comodo anti-virus.For some reason it didn’t detect any virus and the likes.Reinstalled Avast and seems avast is catching the virus on my computer and such.
2.ran CCleaner
3.Running SpyBot
4.Running SuperAntispyware
5.Running AdAware

Glad you solved the problem :slight_smile: I assume you were using CAVS2? That’s very old and comodo has stopped devolopment on it, CAVS3 is currently in BETA with CIS (Comodo Internet Security) Check back every now and then :wink: the BETA version is great

so it’s solved? ???

Is System AV Removed?


Actually I was running the full CIS,but for some reason CIS didn’t block System AV.

No idea if it is removed to be honest.I don’t see any popups,nothing appears and my computer seems to be back to normal,but otherwise no idea how to check if it was removed

maybe you can try to run the scanners mentioned above,just to make sure. 88)

Just post a hijackthis log, then we will see if there are any remains


I did run all the above programs I mentionned and all removed sometype of virus,including AdAware.
Will check hijackthis