System-an insecure application-would like to create a new folder

Lately I get this request more often from CIS mentioned in the Subject (attachment 1)

The attachments show the logs of ‘Comodo View Log/Alerts’ and HIPS:

‘System is an insecure application and wants to change …NetLog.etl’ (attachment 2)

After I once allowed ‘system’ to create a folder: named ‘programs’. Behind the -s there was a very little symbol/sign I’ve never seen before and couldn’t identify. The folder couldn’t be deleted, of course. Therefore I played back a backup at once.

Now I blocked it permanently.

No idea what it is and if my PC is infected.

edit: Neither Malwarebytes nor HitmanPro nor CIS found anything - Detected Threats 0 or "no problems’

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