Sysrestore by Xia Software (new disk snapshot program)

I’ve learned of a new snapshot program called Sysrestore thanks to Wilders Security Forums. Its Homepage is Also, here are some pages for it and the maker/marketing guy of it:

Thanks for the heads up
Aleady loving it its same as comodo timemachine

Its also on wilders

Downloaded it from the authors site…CAV identified it as a malware. Is it a false detection ?

CRC32: 423273A9
MD5: F99F34F180128F28DACC7DE454EA2943
SHA-1: 68633147846D62D6B615C2C61863BC8D8495C677

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Yes it is a false positive

free & fast SysRestore Pro 3.4 like CTM

Anyone trying this?

I am trying it on XP SP3 32 Bits. Its amazingly fast but requires 2 restarts.

When you restore the system it restarts & there are no progress bar like CTM, just sysnew screen for app 2 secs & when you reach the desktop sysnew mentions restore successful restart the system.

I dont know why it needs 2 restarts? Otherwise amazingly fast here, no progress bar just like normal boot. And no slowdown, light.

Edit - Got the progress bar now. I guess previous restore were short & quick so no progress bar. But its fast.

It’s good for the computing public to have another Free tool of the same nature as CTM !

Sysrestore’s settings appear to be rather raw : like it doesn’t have a setting to auto-delete old snapshots and other settings are also very limited. But eventually what counts is “Stability” and “Restore time”, so keep us informed of your experience with it… (Actually I’m having it on one machine now, well we’ll see how it goes… )

Update : Don’t TRY it unless you have a good image backup of your System !

My personal verdict : Not even a half-baked product. This product should have been launched on the 1st of April. For your personal health and the health of your computer, STAY AWAY from it !

What prob you faced?

I am running it on XP SP3 32 Bits & no prob so far. I tested malware on this real system quite a few times now & restored the system with this & everytime the resotoration was successful without any prob.

I haven’t tried uninstalling it. Do you faced any prob uninstalling it?

Hi, Naren, I don’t want to spoil your mood right now so I will leave it later to describe what problem it gave me (when I have more time to spare). Since you’re using it fine right now, you may keep using it and give us more feedback. (such as how you think of it as compared to CTM)

Others who are using it or have tried it may also give their opinions…

Here’s Wilders discussions on this product Sysrestore by Xia Software (new snapshot/backup program?) | Page 3 | Wilders Security Forums

(I gave SysrestorePro a whirl as I had to uninstall CTM and make a system image backup after like 5 months since CTM was last installed)

Thanks for warning. I was close to try it instead CTM. At least their site is rather raw.
Who knows maybe other snapshot progs exist?

Not on uninstall ! But on first restore to the 1st snapshot ( there were 2 snaps 1 on installation and 1 daily snap by schedule ). On the second reboot ( it required 2 reboots to restore a snap ) , Windows started giving a few warning messages saying a few files had been missing, such as some language files, then one final message asking if I should let Windows repair itself; thought that was about enough – Turned power off – Rebuilt the MBR and Restored to a system image took immediately before Sysrestore’s install. I consider my trial with it OVER after installing it for no more than 2 days !
The above two links are older sites of the same software which are still active ( as confirmed by Xia himself on Wilders ). Think about it, why would a decent developer open up different sites and give different names to basically the same product on different times ( dating back to 2006 ) !!
At the bottom of the first site, there are some “awards” shown, but pls. don’t take them seriously !

Thanks to Wilders forum member “Cyberman”, Sysrestore’s site has been polished a lot better now ( but definitely not the product ). :-TD