Syshook.dll ?

Sorry if this has been explained so many times or i’m doing this the completely , but I’ve recently just opened up the defence page and come accross some potentially worrying things… I’ll post a screenshot (sorry about all the football manager files i’m a bit of an addict!)

I don’t know much about syshook or keyboard access, but too me it sounds potentially dangerous. could anyone tell me what this is and if it is indeed dangerous? (i fear i’m getting hacked or something)

Recently over the past couple of days i’ve also been having problems with my internet where it keeps going off, and when I troubleshoot it it tells me there’s something wrong with the adapter. I followed a friends advice and went on device manager and switched the power management setting thingymajigg off. That works fine.

If there’s anything else I need to include please tell me as I’m new to all this kind of stuff. thanks :slight_smile:

Installing a Global Hook and direct keyboard access are actions that are done by both legitimate and illegitimate applications. Here you need to decide as user if you want to trust this or not. Consider the following questions:

  • Do I know and trust the executables that are asking to hook or access the keyboard? I would say yes as they both seem legit to me; a program from Acer and a known game
  • Do I know and trust the source where these applications came from? As in they are not from the Dark Side and coming from legitimate sources? When you got them from trusted sources there is nothing to worry

If you answered both questions with yes you can trust the programs to hook or access the keyboard.