SynTPHelper.exe or SynTPEnh.exe on notebook

Well - on new notebook is “mouse pod” with drivers from SynTP.
I did install today Comodo Firewall 3.13.126709851 on win7pro cs 32bit.

So Comodo stops every like 5-10 minutes ntb with the “question” about SynTPHelper.exe or SynTPEnh.exe.
And because mouse cursor is “freeze” (comodo stops it), it is unable to click on OK button.
Not even with keys TAB or Enter or Alt+O or enything.

Notebook + win7 works, but because of Comodo post can not use anything then.
(i did set in comodo setting then SynTPHelper.exe or SynTPEnh.exe are trusted apps with all access, but it still doesn"t work :-(.
Just “kill comodo process” helped at that moment.
see attachment please

Could Yo help me with this? It freaks me out …

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