Synchronize bookmarks between Dragon and other browsers?

Hi, I’m searching for something that helps me get into Comodo Dragon’s saved bookmarks.
After tried a few times there seems only be one way in reach the content with synchronize it together with a Google account online.

As I use also Internet Explorer for daily work I would like to find a way in how to merge the bookmarks together from time to time to become equal in both of these browsers.

Does it exist anything that can open the bookmark file in Dragon more than Dragon itself?

  1. Open the bookmark manager (Ctrl-Shift-O), or from the Menu Button > Bookmarks > Bookmark manager. Once the new page opens, click on organize. At the bottom of the menu is the option to “Export bookmarks to HTML file…”. That file can then be imported to most other browsers that support HTML file imports (I know for certain that IE does).

  2. You can reverse the process to import an HTML file of bookmarks from other browsers as well.

This isn’t truly synching the bookmarks, but it does allow expedient import and export between them.

I haven’t tried it yet, but Xmarks extension for Chrome (and thus Dragon/Chromium/Iron et al) and for Firefox can sync between those browsers. They may have an addon for IE as well.

Sorry, 2 weeks late to the party. 88) But hope this helps!