Synchronization log not displaying

First off I want to say I love the product, synchronization works great one way just like I expected it to.

But I have no synchronization log what so ever, I have the option checked in the job I created, yet nothing is ever logged and I have been testing this for the last 3 days , files are getting synchronized but the ability to review them in a log would be nice.

I have a missed a setting or is this just a limitation of the software

WinXP Pro SP2
4GB Ram
Intel QX6800 3.5 sp1

Comodo version

Thanks for any help

Hi rulebreaker

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Can you check in programs - Comodo Backup - CmdBkpSvc.log and see if anything is logged there.


Hello John,

Thanks for getting back to me

I checked the log file in the program directory and yes it show activity there, I just do not see this activity in the show full log option nor the log area below the job status window.

So ok we found a log, now how can we get it to display in the log area or full log windows?

I believe that it does not log in the log area with sync mode because it would be logging constantly whenever a file was changed. For example if you had it syncing MS Word every 5 seconds, in an hour of writing the log would be too long to even be worthwhile. I believe this is by design.