Synchronization creates a new directory in destination


When I setup a sync between two folders, CB always creates a new folder in destination folder with the name of the source folder. Imagine this for example:

Source: C:\Users\Herp\Documents
Destination: C:\Users\Herp\Work

then it creates a folder “Documents” inside folder “Work” and sync the files there. Is there any way to prevent this behavior? I want to sync files directly from Documents to Work, so that this C:\Users\Herp\Documents\file1.txt becomes C:\Users\Herp\Work\file1.txt, and NOT C:\Users\Herp\Work\Documents\file1.txt! This causes a huge problem when I try to sync files from my virtual drive (X:), because CB tries to create a folder named “X:” in the destination folder, and because such name is not allowed by OS, the sync fails. Thank you.

I use Win7 32bit, CB v4.1.3.