After using ComodoBackup for a single backup the process Synchronisationservice.exe continues to run in the background using 10-15 of the cpu and using the harddrive. Even after I closes CB.

Why? I haven’t asked for any continous backup or synchronisation.

Do I have to restart the computer or kill the process after every time I use the CB? Or is it a bug?


What windows version do you have?
What version of CB do you have (click About in upper right corner)?
Please open regedit and let me know if there are any values except default in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ComodoGroup\ComodoBackup\ScheduleList.



I an using Windows 7 professional 64 bit and CB

In HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ComodoGroup\ComodoBackup\ScheduleList I have the default, REG_SZ, no value, plus 6 different entrys type REG_BINARY with values.

The Synchronizationservice seems to be working constantly even if I remove the backup drive (external drive) which is strange.
I have never used the Syncronisation function, nor online backup, only “normal” backups to a external drive.

When Synchronization service is at 10-15 of cpu, please create a dump file for it.
Right click on the SyncroniztionService.exe process in task manager and choose “Create Dump file”.
Then compress the dump file and email it to me for analysis.
If the compressed file size is bigger than 10MB you might need to split it.


Thank’s, I’ll get back with that later.

In the meantime I solved it by removing the “Comodo Online storage service” and the “Comodo BackUp service” from the Service auto-start i the System configuration. That stopped Synchronisationservices from starting at all.

Okay, now that’s a quite old post; I’ll reply here anyway, while I have
• the exact same problem

  • just my CPU usage is >90% (!!!) and size is >1GB
    • on the same OS
  • AMD 64-Bit with Windows 7 x64 Home Premium

Well, before killing the process I have made a dump as you said.
The size is 1.38GB though…
Want me to burn it to a DVD and mail it to you? :wink:

Nah, I’d rather upload it to a webserver and give you a FTP-Access.
I suppose it has to do with the x64…?

If you can, please do.
You can compress it to reduce the size.