Syn TPEnh.exe

I’ve just installed Comodo 4.1.150349.920
The virus signature database is 5074.

Since installing it I’ve hit a problem when the Comodo window comes up to tell me that with Syn TPEnh.exe is trying to modify the user interface on Thunderbird.

When this happens the mouse stops working. The keyboard still works but not the mouse. Eventually something times out, the window disappears and the mouse starts to work again.

With the mouse not working I can’t answer the questions in the Comodo notification window.

But also, is this a real alert? I only started getting it after I upgraded from version 3.something (don’t know what but I was pretty well up to date) why is this condition being flagged when it never was before? Is it genuine?


Is this file in “My pending files”? It could be a FP. Can you submmit the file to Comodo Antivirus Database | Submit Files for Malware Analysis and if it is a FP you can add the file to “My own safe files”.


Further to my first post, I can now add that Firefox generates a similar message for program SynTPEnh.exe. (same program name except that thee is no space between Syn and TPEnh.exe).

The same things happens, my mouse cursor can’t be moved until the Comodo dialogue box times out.

Did you check if this application SynTPEnh.exe is in “My pending files”? Falls it is, move it to “My own safe files” and should be working. This applications ist from Synaptics TouchPad Enhancements (your mouse).

Thank you Ovidiu G.
I have added it to my safe files.
Do you know if the mouse is likely to freeze when the Defense+ window opens for other alerts?

I have the same problem on my latop with win xp. I solve this problem by adding the application to the safe files. Check if the problem will appear in time.