Symantec Support Gone Rogue

I can’t believe this. PCMag bashing Symantec :o ;D

Norton goes downhill AGAIN,2817,2342634,00.asp

I never thought I’d see the day that PCMag would criticize Symantec :slight_smile:

That bit about them calling MBAM a Symantec product made me laugh ;D

lol, they’re using MBAM to clean up rogues… ;D


Guess they don’t have the proper training to remove them manually…

Anyway I hope PCMag will for their own good stop doing biased reviews, and stop lying about Nortons capabilities vs all others… As they are damaging their own reputation more that they damage other companies… Silly mag. =/

I wonder if PCmagazine means Paid Commercial Magazine :slight_smile:

That’s exactly what is means. ;D

Oh god… :-\

Seems Symantec support is not the only thing gone rouge. Currently, news about an executable called “pifts.exe” are spreading like wildfire. Apparently it’s a Norton associated file that no one seems to know anything about. All questions regarding the file at the Symantec forums are being deleted or blocked. That’s according to rumours, anyway. :a0

Happy days for all conspiracy theorists out there… :slight_smile:

Funny, when I’m trying to google pifts.exe, I stumble upon a rogue ;D


Here’s the theory you’re talking about ?


Exactly. I’m not saying they’re not true, though. Everybody loves a good conspiracy, right? :slight_smile:

Still, it seems that they all get deleted …

Here’s the talking on Zonealarm’s forums

Seems like Symantec has something to hide…


Here’s a topic for it specially :slight_smile:


Funny thing is, I’ve googled the file a number of times the last couple of hours, and the search results (number of hits) seem to be identical over time.

Anyway, this must be considered extremely bad publicity for Symantec if the story grows…

Then maybe some will start using CIS! ;D


My thoughts exactly, Jeremy.