Symantec Liveupdate fails to execute after downloading updaes

Upgraded to v.3 yesterday. Had to uninstall v.2 manually before upgrade. So far everything seems to work ok except:

  1. Symantec Liveupdate extracts virus definitions after downloading. It used to recheck quarantined files but now it just stops after extraction and once again many files accumulate in ‘My Pending Files’. It appears that LU is blocked by Defence+ from moving files to their proper locations. This results in Symantec still using old defs. How this issue could be resolved?

  2. At startup I find many files in ‘My Pending Files’. Most of them relate to system restore. How can I avoid this?

My current settings for CPF 3 are 1) Train with safe mode for Network Defense and 2) Clean PC mode for Proactive Defense.

OS is Windows XP Pro SP2. Other running software are BOClean, Spybot Tea Timer, Symantec anti-virus V.10.

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I think you should define LiveUpdate as “Installer/Updater” so it has permission to modify files in protected locations.

As for the Pending Files, they’re only files that the clean PC mode doesn’t consider safe since they entered your system or were modified after CFP’s installation. Maybe they won’t ever get executed, let alone before they are modified again, and so won’t generate any popups. I think that Pending Files don’t need so much attention as it would seem by their position in the summary. Anyway use the purge button to see how many were temporary and have been deleted from your system since they got in the list.

Thanks a lot. Initially I disabled Proactive Defense to update the definitions but now I have a solid solution. :smiley: