Symantec finally realises that Melih has been right all the time.

What the article [u]should[u] say is that scanning is no longer a useful defense against zero-day malware. I believe it scanning is still necessary to remove known (i.e identified by signature) malware because it isn’t possible to safely and completely remove an unidentified threat if you don’t know what it has infected.


Lo and behold!

Ain’t that a certain ■■■■■■ UNTRUSTED (at least, by me :a0) California based mass crapwareAnti-MALWARE” company that once upon a time KILLED “acquired” :-TD the best Firewall of all times? Which happened to be, in those very ol’ times, not Comodo, but rather SYGATE :-TU. Forgive me, Melih and Comodo team, just being somewhat nostalgic. 8)