Symantec Declares AV-Comparatives tests misleading...

AV-Comparatives reputation is under big Q but I personally don’t believe in any AV testing organisation.

No surprise there - Symantec AV is a piece of junk. However, their Symantec Ghos 11.0 just rocks! ;D

I agree with Symantec’s assessment. In real world protection, their product is very good.

At least symantec says it how it is…

Comodo is the first one to question AV-Comparatives tests.

Programs that detect threats in ‘doc’ and batch files I wouldn’t call “antivirus”.

Thank you for the info melih.
I was not aware of that.

I used Norton for 10 years and never saw it do that. Comodo, on the other hand, will isolate anything unknown. Batch files have been known to be malicious.

I was refering to Symantec’s AV, not to Comodo. And how exactly these batch codes are malicious anyway?

c:\windows\system32\shutdown /h

I made these batch files long time ago in order to be able to put my computer to sleep when I’m not anywhere near it and to run two application together and during one of my attempts to deal with Symantec’s AV (and later with Avast) I had both times from both “antivirus” programs alarms for threats.

Please remember that this topic is about Symantec declares AV-Comparatives tests misleading…

Please don’t divert to opinions about how Symantec products work and its efficacy. Let’s stay on topic.

Actually i think that both of these topics are very much relevant .

It is based on how symantec products work that they refuse to take part in these tests.

So both topics are very much in unison and relevant.

Sorry, I did not specify; the warning was not meant for you but for rado84 and Dch48.

With Symantec being a very popular company I believe has a much higher influence in this stuff than comodo does.
And if you do look at the test done by rynesandbergsfan on youtube. Norton only achieved a detection rate of 19% or something around there.