symantec antivirus, blue screen


I have used comodo v2.4 & symantec antivirus for a long time
No any problem!

when I unintstalled comodo v2.4 and then installed comodo v3.0.14_276, I followed the screen message, reboot the notebook, the notebook is first blue screen and auto reboot immediately. the second time, the notebook gave me some selected menus, selected the “start windows normally”, the notebook could come into windows XP normally!

when you reboot the notebook, the same things come again! first is blue screen and auto reboot immediately, second, coming into windows XP normally with selecting the menu “start windows XP normally”

try and try, all is the same thing!

Please help!

WITH a .RAR file include:

1, computerHardware&SoftwareConfigReport.txt, -------system configuration
2, Mini122007-01.dmp--------- system dump file
3, systemEventLog.evt---------- system Error log file

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who can give a way to walk out it ?