Sweden to spy on "suspected" criminals and their "acquaintances"

A new law in Sweden will allow the so called “law enforcement” in Sweden to spy on “suspected” criminals and their “acquaintances”.

In case you don’t know about Sweden, although it is said that it is a transparent country, Sweden is full of corruption, lairs, esp the Police and the general prosecution , they are a bunch of scumbags.

What happen to ASAP Rocky is a great example, and the big scandal is that the general prosecution referred to ASAP Rocky by “the so called artist” although he is a well known artist. And before him Snoop Dogg Snoop Dogg Arrested In Sweden On Suspicion Of Drugs, Disses Police 'I'll Never Be Back' - YouTube

The Swedish police can now by law hack and install Trojans and spywares on suspected criminals and their “acquaintances”.

Who is to decide if you are a suspected criminal is the law enforcement and it will be a subjective and not objective judgement.

Not only being a suspected criminal is enough, if you know a suspected criminal will be an enough reason to be a target.

Being a target, they can not only spy on your messages, chats, banks statements and balances and other details, but also they will be able to open your camera and mic and watch you and listen to you in real time.

This law took place in the first of April, and yes you would think it is an April’s fool, but unfortunately it is not.

What will be Comodo’s stand on this? will they cooperate with the Swedish law enforcement, or they will detect and remove Trojans and spywares that will be installed by them?

I am assuming there is no reaction because you think I am fooling around, so I will post the introduction of the law and one link using google translate

unfortunately I could find any link in English.

The official Swedish government site.

The new rules mean that the police and other law enforcement authorities can get into computers and other types of technical equipment used for communication, such as mobile phones

One article was first on search, there are hundreds in Swedish

Police should hack the suspect's computers
The police will be allowed to access the computers and mobiles of suspected criminals to read encrypted information. The law is scheduled to come into force on March 1, 2020.

Mullvad gives a good breakdown of the law on their news page and what it can / or cannot do

A new law in Sweden will allow the so called "law enforcement" in Sweden to spy on "suspected" criminals and their "acquaintances".
I imaged that would be extremely limited. If the suspected criminal has very strong computer skills, law enforcement WILL NOT put government spyware on there computer. That would be stupid, but there are other passive methods they can do. I can tell you this, if I find law enforcement spyware on my machine, ill upload it online everywhere for the world to have and hackers can reverse engineer it and use it for there own toolkit >:-D Hell, I'll reverse engineer it myself before uploading it, it would be the least I can do >:-D >:-D

VPN will not help, they will plan Trojan and Spywares so they can read the data before it is encrypted and sent via VPN or even TLS connection

The Swedish Police are stupid and lazy, they are so stupid and lazy that Sweden tops the crime index list in Europe, Ukraine because of the war with the Russian sometimes takes the first place, check out this Europe: Crime Index by Country 2020 if you check the year 2019 Sweden was on top.

I am also an expert and have no fear for the Swedish police, the problem is Sweden is a very rich country, they can buy technologies, and most likely they will use Chinese or maybe Japanese or Korean hackers.

Even the Swedish intelligence agency are so stupid to the point that Islamist were planing a chemical attack if it succeed it could kill hundred of thousands, and it was the CIA if I remember correct who gave the information. Funny thing the convicted terrorists were sentenced to 7 years in prison only.

My worries, they could use hardware. For example, if you were to be arrested and they took your phone, replace the board, but kept the storage, or even plant a spy chip, how could you know? should you replace your phone/PC every time you are taken to custody?

On the other hand, most of the criminals are stupid also, and they will not detect spywares, and somehow they are winning against the Swedish police so far …

this is not right place for sharing :P0l some united states kills hundred thousands of innocent people / girls / boys / women / olders even ANİMALS ‘’ IN SECONDS ‘’ but hey neverthless you cant talk about cause it requires some :P0l at least


If Comodo is not the right place to talk about spyware and Trojans, what forum is? Beauty and makeup forums?

P.S your post is rubbish and contaisn false information/rumors without evidence, and even in the united state it is illegal to spy on citizens

The NSA was not happy with Comodo because it is capable of preventing their spyware getting installed in the first place. That’s the local protection provided when using Comodo Firewall or Internet Security.

There is no official stance by Comodo about Swedish law.

That is nice to hear :slight_smile: