Svhost weird notifications

comodo firewall alerted me that parent application services.exe wanted to connect to internet through svhost.exe at 1105 UDP port and 1900 something like upnp - I have denied temporarily this requests (I dont now maybe they are usual)

Should be noticed that I have had a trojan before (based on genetik trojan) and there was attempts to connect internet by svhost on 135 -137 ports (tcp I guess)

which ports should I allow for svhost?

If you mean “svChost.exe”, you should be exceedingly cautious about denying anything it wants to do, since it is an essential part of the Windows operating system.

However, if you really mean “svhost.exe”, then it could be a trojan or other malware and should be checked out at an antimalware site.

svchost of course :wink: so I have allowed this app

Disable UPnP & SSDP services unless you really need them.

Make sure of this as there are a number of trojans that call themselves SCVhost.exe, as opposed to SVChost.exe

Ewen :slight_smile:

There can also be malware that disguise itself under the same name svchost.exe, but let’s not scare gumisio. ;D. Just be sure it’s located in \WINDOWS\system32.

Thats why I didnt mention that possibility. ;D