svchost questions

I have a couple of questions about svchost:

First, my computer acts as an access point with an onbaord wifi card. When my notebook tries to connect to the access point an svchost warning pops up saying that a computer is trying to connect @ & dns(53). Should I allow this and click remember my decision? Is that all I have to do for the wifi to work always? If I understand right, my computer gives an address to the notebook which, in turn, tries to connect to the access point. If it does this thru dhcp, doesn’t the address change each time? If so, then do I have to allow a new address through each time?

Second, I continuously get a firewall warning that there is a connection attempt to my computer from UDP dhcp (68) which turns out to be my gateway address. What should I do with this?

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First. In normal situations svchost.exe is responsible for DNS queries, so it’s probably safe to allow this.

Second. DHCP is the process that provides you with an IP address, it uses two ports 67 and 68. so if your ISP is then this too, is probably ok.

if you do a search of this forum for the phrase, “100’s of intrusion attempts”, there is a discussion on DHCP and the rule to set allowing ports 67 & 68.