svchost.exe is trying to receive a connection from the internet

Comodo keeps giving me pop ups with the message “svchost.exe is trying to receive a connection from the internet”. I’ve seen already several posts of people having the same issue but mine, I think, is more specific as it appears to be related to the use of utorrent.
I have set the proposed rules from this forum but these pop ups don’t mention utorrent and are targeted to different ports than my forwarded one. I can’t keep blocking each and every pop up, because they are not all from the same ip (all UDP protocol). Any help would be really appreciated cos I’ve already spent hours and hours of reading and I’m one step of switching to another firewall. Thanks a lot.

I have windows 7 x64, comodo 5.10 with D+ disabled

I suspect it’s this: svchost.exe port 57398: What’s going on here?

Basically, it’s IPv6 tunneling cause by uTorrent. You can either disabled IPv6 in uTorrent or Windows, disable IPv6 tunneling in Windows or adjust the svchost rule to cope with it (which will be difficult because of the multiple inbound hosts on multiple ports).

Thank you Kail. So the issue occurs because comodo doesn’t support ipv6? Would disabling it interfere with other internet activities? I don’t see any option in utorrent for disabling it, so if I use Radaghast’s suggestion would that be enough or I also have to add the rules of this thread?

No, CIS supports IPv6. But, it seems that your ISP/router/modem/whatever doesn’t and this is why Windows is routing uTorrent’s IPv6 connections via Teredo Tunneling (the svchost connections you’re seeing)… or perhaps uTorrent itself doesn’t support IPv6 (?).

It should be. However, I’ve never tried that myself. So, I cannot be definitive about it, but Rad knows what he’s talking about on this.

I don’t think you’ll need any additional rules… mainly since with your ISP (or whatever) not currently supporting IPv6 and teredo tunneling disabled… you can’t actually receive any IPv6 traffic, either directly or indirectly.

Do you think it might be better to set my ISP/router to work with ipv6 or it may cause other issues? (you see I have no idea at this point if it’s worth working with ipv6).

Or what about enabling ipv6 filtering in firewall behavior settings–>general settings? Would that do the trick?

The important question is, do you currently use/need IPv6?

You see, I changed my router about 10 days ago and I only found out yesterday that it supports dual stack (if one wishes, mine is not yet set to it) but it still very new technology here and on experimental level apparently. So I don’t know if I should switch or if that is a whole lot of other settings, that would take ages till I get them right and can surf smoothly again. Of course I don’t expect that you have to know all these things. I just don’t feel 100% comfortable with disabling ipv6 that it might soon become superior to ipv4. Surely I can enable it again in the future, but it is one of these kind of settings that after sometime one forgets they ever disabled it, if you know what I mean.

What about enabling ipv6 filtering in firewall?