svchost.exe inbound and outbound

Had quite a bit of help, just want to clear this up. this file SVCHOST.EXE is sometimes inbound and outbound and listening, is this ok, everything is fine and had no more problems cheers eagle

That is part of Windows. I actually never see this but I am also behind a hardware firewall,

Outbound I believe is okay, but inbound is a definite no.

Im a bit confused, when i look in Active process list it says company microsoft corporation and i was told to allow this svchost.exe when i installed comodo. i dont know what to do.can i have some help.thanks eagle

also i searched for this file i have 3
all are by microsoft, dont know what to do. eagle

I don’t think I understand your problem. SVChost is part of Windows and should be allowed. Right now in my task manager I have 7 svchost entires. You can use Anvir Task Manager to giove you a description of each item running.

All those files are Windows files. Nothing wrong with them.

just a bit worried as was told that inbound for this svchost was a no no. as i have never used any other firewall then windows just get a bit confused

Well Windows Firewall does nothing at all. It cannot protect you like Comodo can. I actually dont even get any svchost problems with Comodo. Its not even listed in firewall or D+ options but sometimes when I open up the GUI I see svchost connecting which is normal behavior.

so having window\system32\svchost.exe inbound is perfectly alright. its listed in the active connections most of the time

sorry please explain

this topic on inbound might be helpful:

i have one listening 139
then one destination 88...***:135 but they keep changing incoming and outgoing
this is just confusing me, and i am worried as i dont know enough i could be puting my computer at risk, i dont know if i should switch back to windows firewall

at the moment i have 7 inbound all windows\system32\svchost.exe

A grc lookup shows port 139 is netbios.

From grc, I think 135 is dcom.

You can do a search for either and if you don’t think you need them, which from what I see most people don’t, you can disable them.

ive tried with the help files and asked for help but i just dont know what to do, do i leave comodo its just to hard for me, just a min ago i had 10 connections from this file, my friend uses the same setup as me and he doesnt have this prob, i thick i have no other option but to delete comodo, because if i block it i might need some of the connections. but many thanks for your help. eagle

Dude I have no idea what your talking about. Are you getting firewall and D+ pop up alerts about svchost trying to connect? Just allow it. You actually shouldn’t be getting any alerts. Can you be more descriptive. What exactly is your problem.

my problem is that this file svchost.exe is in my inbound and outbound connections most of the time, even if there is no outgoing connections there could be 4 inbound, from this file.
when i installed comodo i allowed svchost.exe
should this be inbound
should this be outbound
in my active connections.

Yes this is normal. I have the same entires. Some could be Windows Updates which need to come in and out.

many thanks thats all i needed to know, i just got worried because one person said outbound yes inbound no no, alarm bell rang, but if this is normal for this to be in and outbound i have no probs.