SVCHOST.EXE 100% traffic?

hi there on one of my computers the traffic monitor in comodo says SVCHOST.EXE 100% traffic all the time how do i fix this? worse yet i still have not got a pop up for SVCHOST.EXE. thanks all.

hmm, I have that on my dad’s house pc it seems to be part of windows autoupdate feature. SVCHOST.EXE is a windows application, I think it might be white listed cause it’s a trusted/legit program not 100% sure im in the process of updating these pcs to CIS so i’ll see what happens when I install on this pc and on my dad’s house pc

yes be interesting to see FFKefka77 :slight_smile:

Are you causing any other internet traffic at that time with a browser or something ?
maybe it’s 100% because it’s the only program requesting data over the network.

svchost.exe is a legit windows process that does a few things over the network.
Normaly i would say set it to “Ougoing only” if you like a bit more control you can put your own rules in there but make sure to add logging so you can see what happens.

SVCHOST.EXE Traffic showing

I just didnt find any better topic for my problem/question so i decided to write it here.

Is it normal if in the Comodo Firewall “Traffic” section it shows sometimes 0,9 - 5 % scvhost.EXE ???
Its not somekind of hackers trick. Isnt it? Or some opened “hole” to my computer.

I use NOD32 Antivirus as well and Comodo Traffic shows that it uses 100% of that Traffic part!!!
I think thats normal because i changed settings so the NOD32 will scan almost everything. >:-D

But when my Comodo shows that Traffic to svchost.EXE like 3%, what does it actually meas?

Im kinda stupid but i need my computer to be well protected.

Thanks for answering. :wink:

Hello there,

if it is svchost.exe on c:\windows\system32\svchost.exe then it’s probably a legit windows service trying to download windows updates, checking the system time synchronization etc.

if it’s scvhost.exe then it’s probably malware, there are several malware’s that use this “typo” to mislead the users in to believing that it’s a windows process.

So please make sure it’s not scvhost.exe, and if it’s not then there is nothing to worry about.

Thank you very much! Ill pay attention to thge Traffic section now to be sure its not the scvhost.exe


And now…

I set the svchost.exe only to send outbound connections and my browser (Firefox) went like 40% faster. Hows that can be??

  1. umm

Looks like something is eating your bandwidth… please check for possible infections.

Do you have a “slow” internet connection ? and are you behind on Windows Updates ? that could also cause some bandwidth sharing.

Yes, Windows Updates were ON- checking every day at 3.00 o clock. My comp is kinda new, just bought it few days ago and i installed NOD32, Comodo and primary Windows Updates on! Ive had many intrusions to my Comodo Firewall (win firewall is disabled)… some port scans i think. Now i dont have those intrusions anymore. Thats weird. And I HAD a slow internet connection before i disabled INBOUND connections to SVCHOST.EXE! Now its normal… but is my computer normal now… infected? Someone watches my screen?? Comodo is blocking such attackings… isnt it?


Hello priito,

Here is a nice post about, checking to see if your infected or not…

Give it a shot, and be sure :-))

Disable or start manually the BITS service, Background Intelligent Transfer Service. This service uses svchost to transfers files in the background using idle network bandwidth It worked for me.

Please note the previous post was nearly 18 months ago.

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Please also note if you Disable the BITS service Windows Update is likely to fail.

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Thank you