Svchost eating most of the bandwidth on Win8_64

Hi guys,

So I have an issue with the last Windows 8 RTM.
The process svchost.exe is generating hundreds of Outbond connections in Comodo Firewall and I don’t know how to identify which service is creating it.
The thing is it’s taking most of my bandwidth, even when I download a file as you can see on the screenshots.

For your information, Windows Update is off by default and as soon as the computer starts, svchost is invading my connection. After a while, like 15minutes, the number of outbond connections drops from 900 to 15 then just 2 for the Svchost [1008] after a couple of minutes.
In this time Process Explorer shown me that svchost 1008 was able to download around 30MB, which is huge when you have a 25KB/s connection (please don’t laugh).

Can you please help me?

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