svchost alerts

This has never really been a problem, but I thought I would ask anyway. I just had an svchost alert, and while I was checking the IP address I had a phone call. When I got back to the computer the alert had closed. So what did Comodo do, did it let the connection through, or did it block it for that one time?

I just had another alert that said I had an incoming connection from the internet - from my own IP. How’s that work?

Hi curls,

When CIS doesn’t get an answer to an alert, by default it will block it.

Are you sure the alert was not for an incoming connection from another computer on your LAN?

I don’t fully understand about LAN’s and IP addresses, so my best answer is, “I don’t know.” ;D But the IP address it gave was my external one.
Thanks for you reply, I feel safer now. I’ve often walked into the room to see an alert disappearing and wondered how Comodo handled it.