Suspicious firewall activity

I’ve been having strange reports on my firewall that suggests my pc is infected with some kind of root-kit virus.

I have re-installed the O/S when it started happening however the attacks continue.
Rogue Killer found and cleaned numerous PUM entries.
Tonight alone there are over 3000 blocked intrusions on my Comodo Firewall.

I have attached some screenshots of the suspect activity. Can anyone tell me if this is normal behavior for these programs or is it malicious?

[attachment deleted by admin]

The logs look normal. What makes you think you have a rootkit infection?

PUM are Potentially Unwanted Modifications:

A PUM is an unwanted change made to your computer's settings. PUMs can be performed by both legitimate applications and malware, though changes made by malware are more likely to cause serious problems. In some cases, you may not know about a PUM until after it has taken place.
It could be made by the user or by a tweak tool used by the user but also by malware.

If various scanners show no malware then assume your system is not infected.