Suspicious files or unrecognized applications submission

I just installed v3 and am in the learning in safe mode. One of my programs is the Callwave Internet Answering
service (IAM.exe) which popped up. I set the firewall to accept it’s signed certificate as a trusted application. Then I tried to send it to be analyzed & added to the program’s whitelist. After adding it to the submit file window & clicking submit, nothing really happened. The progess status says "already available with Comodo. Under analysis. So, do I assume I hit submit more than once or someone else already submitted it and thus remove it from the submisssion window?


Very newbie to using Comodo firewall user (also in learning mode ???)


This is a question about Comdo Firewall Pro and NOT Comdo Memory Firewall. These products are 2 different things (at the moment).

The answer to question, however, is that someone has probably submitted the file before you due to Comodo’s ever increasing user base. The file you mention sounds like it is safely in the hands of Comodo anyway no matter exactly how it got there.