Suspicious file will not upload to Comodo.

I have done a full scan and it found a suspicious file. Tried to upload it on the web page for this but after pushing the upload button it goes to a new web page which shows the file as still uploading via the little wheel turning. File is only 49kb. What to do now please? I am new to Comodo, have not submitted such a file before, and do not have Geek buddy.

It is called uninstal.exe.

Hello, Conroy
You could try:


If you still have any difficulties, send to and post the link to the test result.



Thanks jhkmaster_b, but none of those sites worked. Do I have to register with them and login first? Also can I upload from a sandboxed Firefox?

Have joined comodo in one of those suggestions, the other came up with heaps of suggestions at what to join and I did not know what one. Also joined Virus Total and still cannot upload there. I logged into both places and on an unsandboxed browser. Am going to take a break - blood pressure high - before I do anything else. More suggestions?

When a file is not recognized it is sent automatically and waits for a rating.

You can also manually send through the means I mentioned, or submit quarantined Items to Comodo for Analysis.

See: Submit Quarantined Items to Comodo for Analysis|Comodo Internet Security v.7.0


How do I get this file quarantined please?

By “not recognized” do you mean suspicious? How long is the wait and do I get informed somehow? Meanwhile what do I do with this file please?

Manually adding files as Quarantined Items

If you have a file, folder or drive that you suspect may contain a virus and not been detected by the scanner, then you have the option to isolate that item in quarantine.

To manually add a Quarantined Item

  1. Click the handle from the bottom of the Quarantine interface and select ‘Add’ from the options

  1. Navigate to the file you want to add to the quarantine and click ‘Open’.

The file will be added to Quarantine. You can even send the file for analysis to Comodo, for inclusion in the white list or black list, by clicking Submit from the options.

For more see: Remove & Isolate suspicious files, Quarantine Files | Internet Security 7.0

It has been detected by a manual scan and I have the options:

Ignore once
Add to trusted files
Report a false alert
Add to excusions.

Which option to use when the scan called it a suspicious file please?

The choices for the actions available are:

Clean - If a disinfection routine is available for the selected intection(s), Comodo Antivirus will disinfect the application and retain the application safe. If the disinfection routine is not available, Comodo Antivirus will move the infections to Quarantine for later analysis and restoring/removal of the files. For more details on quarantine feature, refer to Manage Quarantined Items.

Ignore Once - If you want to ignore the threat this time only, select ‘Ignore Once’. The file will be ignored only at that time. If the same application invokes again, the Antivirus will report it as a threat.

Add to Trusted Files - If you trust the file, select ‘Add to Trusted Files’. The file will be moved to Trusted Files list. The alert will not generated if the same application invokes again.

Report as a False Alert - If you are sure that the file is safe, select ‘Report as a False Alert’. The Antivirus will send the file to Comodo for analysis. If the file is trustworthy, it is added to the Comodo safe list.

Add to Exclusions - The file will be moved to Exclusions list and will not be scanned in future. The alert will not generated if the same application invokes again.

Try Report as a False Alert, because if you choose to clean, can affect a program not yet recognized.
Done that’s just waiting for the file will be automatically added in the future in a trusted list or as definition signatures.


Have cleaned the file. Saw it in quarantine and pushed send button and it had alrady been sent.

Thanks muchly for all your help with this jhkmaster_b. Will I hear more about this file from Comodo in due course?

By the way, where would I have found those details you posted about cleaning etc by myself?

Sorry did not see your bit about "post as a false alert’

Cannot report as false alert cos no way can I know this.

In this case after being sent is only waiting for the analysis.

Part of the information posted are the official help page (Comodo Internet Security v.7.0, Antivirus protection, Firewall Software | Comodo),
it would be interesting for you to know all the options to customize and understand how things work.

PS: If you want to send this file to and post the link here for better viewing and response.


Thank you for the information and your patience jhkmaster_b. I am currently having a big read up of the help pages. :slight_smile:

Sorry for my english.

From some weeks CIS does not send those files that I know like virus.
The upload window shows a red icon, with written relatively sending the file: Failed (0x80027efd) - A connection with the server could not be established

Any news on this problem?

It is a shame I can not send these files for analysis, since I am certain of the virus, and so unfortunately will not be scanned and loaded into their database.

This takes place on two different computers.

Bye bye from Italy