Suspicious Applications - How to install them with a security margin?

What’s the best setting to install/run a suspicious installation?

Paranoia D+ (to see all the processes of the installation)
Custom Mode Policy Firewall

If an application is not sure (i.e. you are not sure about it) what is the best way to find out using D+?

Why do you want to install something suspicious? You should only install programs you trust unless your testing something. Please again stop with all your posts. You have made like 20 threads in 15 minutes. If you are not sure what your installing then God sake do not install it. You can use D+ in Safe Mode all the time. When you get an alert from D+ when your installing a suspicious program then treat it as “isolated”.

In a roundabout kinda way, Vettetech has answered your question by suggesting that you select “Isolated” when installing a suspicious application. Please note that isolated applications have almost no priveleges, so the application may not function correctly, or as expected.

IMHO, you are right to treat all installations as suspicious, regardless of who tells you that application X is great and you should trust it.

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Please again stop with all your posts. You have made like 20 threads in 15 minutes.
The only truly dumb question is the one that never gets asked.

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Not when the dumb questions keep on flying.


When I encounter a suspicious application, I run it in a sandbox and look at the processes in sysinterla Process Explorer.

Regarding many applications, I assume they are safe, but I their origin is not always well known ( example: a .cue file splitter found on an Audio board). I don’t think they are dangerous, but I would like to have a granular selection during the installation process. I was thinking to set D+ in Paranoia to have all the alerts during the installation.

Is it a good approach?

Good practice to do so. Adjust D+ and the firewall to their max settings and monitor the app and see what it does (or tries to do).

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Will do, thank :slight_smile: