Suspected firewall bug

Comodo ,Installed on the host, firewall policy is to block all inbound messages, blocked all ICMP messages.

Yesterday, virtualbox upgraded to 5.0.0, and found the following issues

VM access to host’s port not detected by the firewall, such as vm can ping through a host
Firewall blocks all inbound messages of vm, such as FTP service on vm not access by external network, have clearly documented in the firewall log.

These two problems are found after upgrading the VBox, 4.3.x version does not have this problem.
Meanwhile, Symantec Endpoint Protection client is also installed on the host, when add inbound block rules , firewall can block vm access to the host, the same will not mistakenly blocking Internet access to a vm.

Promiscuous mode of the vm network adapter settings are set deny.