SURVEY: Please fill out this survey for Endpoint Security Manager (ESM)

Hi Everyone,

Thank you for participating in the beta program for Endpoint Security Manager. At this time we would like to begin gathering information about your experiences with the product and find out a bit more about your likes and dislikes.

As you have already seen, your input will help drive requirements for the product and shape future versions. You asked for Endpoint Security Manager to work in a workgroup environment and we delivered. Currently, we are working on a number of additional features to improve the product and will need your help in building the most comprehensive Endpoint Security tool available today.

So if you could please take a few moments to fill out the survey below we would be very grateful.


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ā€œ8 ) How much are you currently paying for endpoint security products similar to COMODO Endpoint Security Manager?ā€
Only Double Digits are allowedā€¦

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Thanks, it is on a per product basis. I have changed it to three characters. If anyone is paying more than $999 per endpoint, I would very much like to know who they are. (:LGH)