Anyone else think suport are just typing answers to issues to delay solving them as they cant. Support are just wasting my time now. Starting to look at other systems as the move has caused me and others problems which support will not accept are down to them keep coming up with excuses.

I don’t know, but I have had the feeling that Comodo is either a reseller or just outsources ASG support. I think that the Comodo support people can do no more than contact some other company. I guess it would be tough to send you daily “We don’t know yet” emails, but that would be better than radio silence.
Surely, they (or whoever) don’t seem to thoroughly test before implementing. It also seems irresponsible to make changes during weekdays.

I quite agree I have two outstanding issues both affect business and after days of them trying to say it had nothing to do with them I get replies that the back office are sorry and it has all been fixed. Guess what not fixed. Getting really ■■■’ed.