There’s a reason why not handle my urgent ticket #CWV-339-81854 ?

Who long I need to wait until you handle urgent ticket with status “escalated” ?

Hi shoko,
I have PMed a Staff member to take a look at this issue.

Kind regards.

CWV-339-81854 December 14 2015 17:24 ranni shoko HackerGuardian Issue Awaiting Reply Urgent


Hi shoko,
The best I can do is to send a reminder to Comodo Staff.
I will have also contacted a second Staff member.

Kind regards.

Looking at the self help Forum for Hacker Guardian, the latest post I can find is from December 24, 2015. Regardless of what support number I call or Chat I go to, Comodo employees or contractors don’t seem to know about Hacker Guardian. I have explained what Hacker Guardian is a quite a few members of the Comodo Staff, which unfortunately means I have not gotten help yet. I have had a ticket open for some time due to receiving “inconclusive” on a scan on a set of IP’s that have cleared Hacker Guardian for at least 5 years every Quarter. My ticket is had been marked escalated for 24 hours and Status “Hold”. Obviously the Forum isn’t very good for “Self Help”. Since Comodo already has my money for a significant number of IP’s, I am forced to try to utilize their service for three more quarters, this really stinks. I utilize PCIRapidComply by TransArmor for many of my other sites that accept credit cards. It is free. The support is unreal and super responsive. Check it out as so far I am still waiting for support from Comodo. I hope everyone has better luck than I have.

Nothing’s changed.

There’s a reason why not handle my urgent Ticket: #XXL-638-87888 ?

Who long I need to wait until you handle urgent ticket ?