Support ticket

Kail- I received a reply from my support ticket I sent last night. If you remember I couldn’t get e-mail notifications from posts. Now they said I should register new again. I just registered as a new member after deleting the original account. Now if you will kindly respond to this post, well see if it worked. (fingers crossed) Thanks.

As requested.

Kail - I didn’t get an e-mail. Question: When I send a post or reply, am I supposed to click "notify on top of the post in order to get a e-mail reply?

By default you should get the email notification if your profile has that set. You can certainly try the “Notify” button. But, pay attention to what it says… since if you already have notification on, then if will ask you if you want to turn it off.

I give up. Support said notifications are working fine for them. The first 2 options in the e-mail notifications are checked by defualt, and I assume that’s what it takes to get e-mails.

I almost forgot to ask why there is a “lock topic” padlock and a “remove topic” garbage can next to my post in the help page? No other posts have them.

That’s because you are the originator of the topic. As such you may Delete the topic or lock it.

BTW I didn’t get my email notification of your posts either. I’ve advised the Admins (no response yet). But, I think there is something definitely wrong here… another Mod has never received an email from the forum. Where as, whilst I may not get them all, I’ve had nearly 2,000. Doesn’t make sense.

Thanks for your investigating. I’ll be watching for when the admins reply to you. :slight_smile:

From the Admins…

I had a word with our sysadmin and it seems its something to do with reverse DNS.

He’s asked for it to be fixed and hopefully it will be resolved in the next 48 hours.

Kail, That’s great news. Thanks again for your intervention. I’ll give it a try tomorrow and let you know. I also got another response from Support, and they told me to white list Comodo in Outlook, and try changing my e-mail provider. Right.

Kail, I just got 30 e-mail responses from Comodo. I guess they found the problem eh? A few of them aren’t from posts I replied to, but that’s OK. Thanks again! (:CLP)

30? Wow. I guess they did find the problem. Glad I could help.

PS I hate to imagine what’s going to happen to that Mod I mentioned, who had never got an email either. His Inbox is going to be really full. ;D