support in German language... = ?

??? 88) :frowning:
I´m sorry, fellows,
but even though I live in Finland, I have to admit, that I cannot speak english…
Or= I don´t trust in my understanding of the explanations I get in english…

Where/How can I join/download Your GERMAN site ?
With friendly greetings from the finnisch hot Summer 2011, Jopi.
well, the finnish section is very empty. but if you start a topic, and it cant get solved, someone could assist you with asking it in the english board. or you can ask in the main forum if someone could assist you in your language with solving your problem.

the program itself has language files to choose.

Maybe he wants, as in the Comodo website to be in German.
You can download Comodo Internet Security here. And here you can find our translator’s latest German Comodo Internet Security translation.
Anyway, here you have the links for the international forums:
Suomi / Finnish
Deutsch / German
If you want to ask something, and you can’t, use Google Translate and then post you question in english. Then we will understand a bit what do you want. Or use it to translate the website or our answers to understand unknown words posted in english in this forums.

if you need help you can also write in the swedish part of the forum :slight_smile: I know you know swedish ^^

Hallo, wie kann ich das Forum in Deutsch umstellen. Leider kann ich kein englisch.

Wie meinst du? Alles in Deutsch umstellen oder nur die Gebraucherumgebung? Entschuldigung für eventuelle Grammatik Fehler ich bin Niederländer.