support for Void Linux

after hearing about Canonical and Micro$**t becoming ■■■■ buddies, I want nothing to do with Ubuntu-based distros,
let alone the insecurities of systemd, so that’s why I moved to Void, which is the most FreeBSD-like distro of everything I’ve heard of…
meaning it’s quite possibly the most secure linux distro on the face of the planet.

to add to that, the recent threat I watched about Intel’s Clear Linux and it’s telemetry has me shuddering to know what might come for the rest of us in the future linux kernels, especially with Micro$**t gaining it’s grip over linux to fudge it up and possibly own it in the future.

I’m very uncomfortable with big market players being in control over the top sources of linux, and I want to be protected from any backdoors they introduce.

please work something out to get a package in the xbps repos.