Support for 2003&2008

Well, the CFP was defined as a personal firewall,will CIS support the OS2003/2008 in the future? or can the user with 2003/2008 use the CESM to edit D+ and FW rules and take control of his own PC?

Why does nobody reply this post? Does everyone use Xp/Vista but not 2008/2003? Or the developers are not willing to make CIS support for the server OS?

That’s something Melih will have to get you back on. Or Egemen.

CESM is intended to manage the security softwares (CFP ATM) as long these security software are installed. As CFP do not support server platforms ATM, using CESM it will only possible to manage CFP installed on Vista or XP.

Regarding Windows Server support in CIS:

Thank u~gibran~