Superslow apps start (Privacy concern)

Comodo firewall
All modules disabled xept Firewall (Custom ruleset)
What can be tweaked for optimal performance?

Hi necros2k7,

Thank you for reporting, could you please share us exactly which you did and what happen.
Also, CIS V12.2.2.8012 has been released to be compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10.
And is there any other security product installed on your machine other than CIS ?


You’re blocking cmagent network access, you should not block CIS own processes from doing what they are designed to do.


what cmdagent designed to do?

It’s a core component that should not be blocked or interfered with. There really is no reason to block cmdagent or any other process part of CIS or other security software, you’re just asking for issues.

Why core component needs net access still makes me wonder…

Checking digital signatures, trusted file list, file hashes, whitelist updates, general program updates i.e many factors.

I don`t need it , I just need firewall)

The firewall still has to protect its own memory space or it can be bypassed.

im ok that it protects but im not ok with digital signatures, trusted file list, file hashes, whitelist updates, general program updates throught my connection w/o option to disable it
Privacy issue arises…

Doesn’t do Windows more or less the same thing? When you install a new app then Windows connects to the internet (for whatever reason) before the actual app is being installed. When you launch an installed app Windows connects again to the internet to look up signatures and for whatever reasons more it likes to connect.
Try to install a .msi file and watch InstallShield or explorer trying to connect to the internet.

Privacy concerns are everywhere but what can we do?
Not much other than blocking internet traffic as much as possible I guess.

True, but I don`t get slow pc while blocking Installshield apps, while blocking cmdagent I do.

I reregistered (had account long time ago but lost access to it) just to report the same issue. I am struggling with the same problem - each application startup is delayed by up to 5-10 seconds (probably this is the timeout for the signature checking by cmdagent process). This really is very annoying. I am rather not concerned by the Comodo Firewall privacy issues, but there are many situations in which people have to block literally every single internet connection, even for the cmdagent process/Comodo Firewall. I do travel a lot and I have to use my phone cellular network to connect to internet with my laptop. There are countries in which prices of cellular network internet are ridiculously high and therefore I have to limit every single application communication except the one I really need to use, I do not want any background transfers/signature checks/updates and so on.

I think it would be great to add an option so that the user can decide in configuration settings if Comodo Firewall should check the signatures or not. In such situtations the application startup delay would not make this superb firewall so annoying… Because of these delays I have gone back to Comodo Firewall version which does not exhibit such behavior.

Hi bitbuster,

Sorry for the inconvenience, may I know your:

  1. CFW/CIS Version ?
  2. Win Version along with system bit type ?
    We will check and update you on this.


I can reproduce it actually on any version past

all apps internet access blocked (except svchost dns) and all additional protective systems disabled (just firewall functionality)

Windows 7 x32, cfw : no app start slowdown
Windows 7 x64, cfw : slowdown
Windows 10 x64, cfw : slowdown (there is no slowdown in airplane mode/in case there is no physical internet access, there is no slowdown if the same application is run for the next time up till next reboot)

Hi bitbuster,

Thank you for providing the requested information, we will check this and we will reach you through PM to get required log for further investigation.


Hi bitbuster,

Could you please check your inbox for PM and respond.